2022 Holiday Fundraiser

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$500 Samantha & Rob VuksanicFor our pups Cooper, the best four-legged family member we could have asked for. We hope this donation allows another family to meet their Cooper!

$100 Michael Collins — On behalf of Geno, who I love so much, and have in my life thanks to you guys!

$100 Jason, Tanya, Karma & Chance Sears — In memory of GDRNE rescue dog Karma (aka Pumpkinbutt)

$25 Ronald Silvestri — From Charley, who I adopted from you. Great Dog!!! We love him so much!

$50 Sarah Dachinger — For my wonderful dog Millie

$50 Roseann Neusch — Merry Christmas!

$50 Margaret Yong — For all the pups who spread joy and love

$100 Matthew Cocciardi — Merry Christmas!

$50 Larry Dow — Merry Christmas!

$100 Sarah Argiro — Merry Christmas!

$25 Becky Moles — Merry Christmas!

$500 Elaine Sanfilippo Merry Christmas!

$35 $10 Samuel Jacobsen Merry Christmas!

$50 Kimberly Gilman — Merry Christmas!

$25 Stacey Grant-Lewis — Merry Christmas!

$50 Sarah Gilbert — Merry Christmas!

$250 Charles Crosier — Merry Christmas!

$15 Lisa Branchesi Love, Rune (adopted in July 2021)!

$200 Julie O’Burke — In memory of Max and in honor of Lucy!

$50 Caitlin Lelievre — Thank you for bringing Scout (formerly Lola) into my life!

$35$35 $20 Kylee Donelle — Merry Christmas!

$200 Kimberly Fontes — Merry Christmas!

$50 Catherine Sterling — For Lennie and the rest of the Bean litter!

$35 $10 Ashley Przypek — Merry Christmas!

$100 Marisa DePaolis — Merry Christmas!

$1000 Lynn Eikenberry — We love our Great Dogs! Thank you for your work!

$25 Otto Finkeldey Merry Christmas!

$25 Kayla Thomas May someone find their Juniper!

$75 Jacqueline BuckleyMerry Christmas!

$25 Amanda SullivanMerry Christmas!

$100 Emily Kuiper Merry Christmas!

$425 Nina Blanchette — Merry Christmas!

$500 Sydney Rosen Merry Christmas!

$35 $10 Wendy LaLonde — Merry Christmas!

$25 Deborah Queiros Merry Christmas!

$50 Katie Gately — Thank you for all of the work you do bringing happiness to wonderful dogs!

$35$35 $20 Lauren Messenger  — Thank you for bringing Viper into our lives. He is the best boy, and we are so lucky to have such a sweet, loving dog!

$1000 Amy Famiglietti — A Cardinal for the tree!
This donation is from The Dance Studio of Medford and members of the Famiglietti Family (Amy, Susan), Sokolski Family (John, Kathy, Joe, Pedro, Mike, Meryl, Fitzy, Paul, Eric, Jen, Pat),
Picariello Family (Stephen, Megan, Michael Jr., Michael, Linda, Stef, Phil, Jessie, Sal, Marc) to support GDRNE’s efforts!
All Inspired by Nala adopted by GDRNE in October 2019!

$100 Austin CarrThis organization brought my wife Alexa and I the sweetest addition to our family. Thank you, please keep up the great work!

$35 $10 Nicole FalkenstromIn honor of our rescue Brady & all of our wonderful fosters over the years<3. You have brought so much joy to our family<3!

$100 Miriam Johnson — Merry Christmas!

$50 Renee Bolz — Merry Christmas!

$50 Kathryn JudgeThank you for bringing Cookie into our lives. She’s the greatest gift there is!

$75 Lindsay Belec Merry Christmas!

$25 Coleen ByronMerry Christmas!

$50 Christena Langley We are so glad that Pearl joined our family!

$25 Dotty Fowler In honor of Wilson Fowler!

$50 Susan MartinThank you for all of the great work that you do!
We are so grateful for our dog Bode, and can’t wait to adopt another dog from you someday!

$50 Lauren Moran — Merry Christmas!

$100 Lauren & James Patelis — So thankful for you folks bringing us Jimmy and for future dogs!!

$50 Tracy Condron — Merry Christmas!

$25 Robert Tanner In honor of Mark G Tanner!

$100 Leslie Mennella — Merry Christmas!

$100 Janice Reilly — In honor of Ziggy!

$100 Gregory Lewis — In memory of Honey and Nutmeg, and for our Mace, Bri, and Buttercup!

$35$35 $20 Emily Messmer — Merry Christmas!

$35 $10 Cassie Murray — Merry Christmas!

$80 Nicholas HapsheIn honor of Fezziwig!

$25 Claire Drew— Merry Christmas!

$75 Marjorie Tsandikos Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Charlene!

$100 Sarah Romasanta — From 2020 GDRNE Alumni Wolfe with Love!

$300  April Yurasek From Euler whom we adopted from you!
Euler is blind and hopes more special needs animals will find forever homes like he did!

$35 $10 Alyson Fortune — Thank you for our Toolah! We love her!

$35 $10 Landing Fuh — Adopted Danny in 12/2015, and he’s just the best! Thanks GDRNE!

$35 Margaret Porter — With endless gratitude to GDRNE for our late beloved & long-lived companion dog Ruth!

$35$35 $20 Kimbery Chicca — In memory of all my beloved fur babies!

$100 Christopher Teixeira — Merry Christmas!

$35$35 $20 Kristen D’Alelio — Merry Christmas!

$25 Linda Goggin— In honor of Gus!

$50 Lisa Seretto — Merry Christmas!

$35 $10 Carol Kling — Merry Christmas!

$50 Lynn Worley — In memory of Buddy, a great dog!

$35 $10 Susan Kemalian — Merry Christmas!

$50 Colleen Monaghan — Merry Christmas!

$50 Connie DeBenedetto — Celebrating almost 4 happy years with sweet Delilah! <3!

$50 Heidi Lindert — In honor of Zozo Lindert!

$25 Hannah Laubner — For our little love bug, Mil! She’s the sweetest addition to our family! ♥

$50 Barbara Finck — In honor of Indy/Tyler/Oscar!

$50 Sarah White — Merry Christmas!

$25 Jennifer Cavan — Can’t imagine our lives without our sweet rescue! Thank you!

$50 Amy Corbett — Merry Christmas!

$25 Kellie Passineau — Merry Christmas!

$100 Brenda Schena — In honor of Bodhi and Brenda!

$600 Brian Dellascio — May Dusty’s brief adopted life with us save the lives of others <3!

$100 Katherine Quinlan — Merry Christmas!

$100 Maureen O’Connell In memory of Ellie, my foster!

$100 Robert Hopkins — For Obie, the best Great Dog we could have imagined!

$35 $10 Kelly Godwin — In memory of our Izzy who was rescued from an Alabama swamp with her momma and siblings!

$500 Melissa Valenti Happy Holidays GDRNE family   🙂

$50 Nora Conley — On behalf of Hazelnut who has made our family so happy!

$100 Shona Gibson — Merry Christmas!

$100 Lisa Cole — Merry Christmas!

$35 $10 Karen Correggio — Merry Christmas!

$25 Jennifer Clifford — For my dog Watson!

$15 Reed VandergraafMerry Christmas!

$50 Heather Davis — For Gracie the Wonder Pup – we will always be grateful to Great Dog for bringing her to us!