Holiday Donations

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$100 — Joanna. An ornament for each of my past and present dogs, Abby, Jake, Lucy and Milo!

$40 — Liz Weinstein. Happy Holidays.

$50 — Daniel. In memory of our boy Lincoln.

$25 — Kerri. Thank you for all you do! Happy Holidays to all the volunteers at GDRNE.

$50 — Susan. An ornament for Bronson (10/1/07 – 8/25/18)

$100 — Scott. Thankful that GDRNE united me with my furry best friend, Sadie.
Live has been so much richer having her around.
Here’s to many happy best friend meetings in the future!

$25 — Victoria. With love from the Chapman/Babeu family.
Daisy is so happy in her forever home and we are so happy we’ve found her!

$25 — Amanda. With love from Koda (formerly Desmond).

$100 — Claire. Thanks for two great dogs, Logan and Cleveland!

$50 — Patricia. With so much gratitude for bringing the sweetest dog into my life!

$35 — Lindsay. Thanks for ALL you do for the pups!

$100 — Ellen. Thank you and Happy Holidays! Love, Socks 🙂

$25 — Lynda. Thanks GDRNE for the work that you do. We love our boy Henry!

$100 — Lisa. So honored to be part of this wonderful rescue group! Happy Holidays!

$100 — Ellen. Thanks for ALL you do for the pups.

$50 — Maryanne. Thank you for allowing me to adopt Ginger, my beautiful Doxie mix –
she has filled my heart and home with so much love!!

$100 — Beth. To all at GDRNE, thank you so much for finding me the best gift of my life: my little Lacie.

$200 — Erin. Thank you for all you do, and for helping us find our sweet Oscar man!

$25 — Emily. Bandit & Kipper wish that all dogs find a home where they are spoiled on Christmas!

$500 — Kathi. I would like this money to go toward the unit the kennel needs to care for sick dogs on arrival. Thank you GDRNE.

$100 — Carole. In Memory Of: Aspen, Brusha, Cassie, Jessabel, Zena, Kemosabe, Meeps and Loki.
And for all the wonderful rescues yet to come!

$50 — Nancy. Thanks for ALL you do for the pups.

$100 — Kathleen. Thank you for allowing me to adopt Ginger, my beautiful Doxie mix –
she has filled my heart and home with so much love!!

$100 — Lynne. In memory of Bronson + Romeo and for my Sweet Bonnie Lass who travelled a long way
and through many houses to get home! We love you.

$25 — Tracy. A thank you for saving so many pups.

$20 — Jocelyn. Thank you for my Cheerio!

$50 — Julissa. In honor of the wonderful year we’ve had with our Luna! Thank you GDRNE!! Love, the Krenitsky family.

$10 — Nika. In Recognition of service from Emily Schena – lover of ALL dogs, big and small!

$25 — Kimberly. Happy Holidays from MAC.

$75 — Jillybean. Thank you for bringing me home.

$75 — Keeta. From Puerto Rico to snow and a loving home!

$25 — Susan. Happy Holidays from MAC.

$100 — Larry. Happy Holidays from Luke and Shelly!

$10 — Tina. From Darcy..adopted 7/17.

$20 — Katherine. My dog Nera and I thank you for saving her and allowing her to be the pampered dog she was meant to be!!! XOXO

$50 — Catherine.Thank you for my wonderful dog Zander!

$100 — Deirdre. Ellie rescued 2012.

$25 — Kimberly. In honor of our GDRNE girl, Macie.

$200 — Kathleen. My beloved Cooper!

$10 — Mindy. Bernie, Ginger, and Harriet.

$50 — Brenda. Thank you for pairing me with my girl Bodhi!
Happy Holidays to everyone that helped her get from TN while pregnant,
give birth to the presidential pups and then find me.

$25 — Paula. We are forever thankful for Yeti being in our lives.

$25 — Joyce. Happy Holiday.

$35 — Susan. Cody.

$50 — Gerald. For our new GDRNE friend Vinnie aka Roo.

$47 — Danielle. Happy holidays from my fur family to yours!

$200 — Todd. 14 years since out adoption of Toby and he is still going strong! Thank you!!

$75 — Kim. Thank you all for your tireless efforts on behalf of so many deserving dogs.

$20 — Hanna. Hendrix sends all his love! Thank you for bringing us together almost 4 years ago!

$50 — Margret. Thank you helping my sister Nancy Fagan and her husband Paul Guglielmi by providing their dog, Lilly.
They are a wonderful, loving little family.

$100 — Janet. One year anniversary (December 1) adopting Kane.

$10 — Thomas. Tree decoration for my Pomeranians Rain and Ziggy.

$25 — Caitlin. Thank you for all that you do. We love our Tux!

$25 — Susan. Woofwoof from GRNE ADOPTED DOGGIES Cappy and Lucy (13 years) and owners Susie and Elle.

$100 — Julie. Celebrating 5 years with my Great Dog Maizie in December!

$100 — Llya. Thank you for all you do!

$200 — Rebecca. Thank you for all you do for our furry friends. In memory of Dale… he was a great dog.

$35 — Margaret. From the Porters and Ruth, our Great Dog for the past 12 years.

$25 — Sydney. GDRNE brought me my best girl, Dolly! Thank you.

$100 — Meredeth. Thank you GDRNE. Love Rosie and Benji Allen.
In memory of Jason, Fallon, Putter, Miranda, Ginger, Pickle, The Pig, The Lizard, The Snakes and more to come but not quite yet!

$300 — Michelle. With love from Sophie and Rocket Welden.

$10 — Diane. Happy Holidays from Dusty who was a former sled dog from TN!
And in memory of my 2 goldens Buddy and Brody. Love you!
Thanks for all your hard work in getting dogs to their new homes.

$75 — Lynne. Thanks for saving so many lives- including my girl Ruby!

$50 — John. For uniting us with our little cojack.

$25 — Donna & Janet. Thank you for all your hard work.
Thank you bringing Jack to our family.

$300 — Mary Beth. For Suzie and Tippy – who fill our lives with (mostly) good things! (I could do without the dead rodents…)

$50 — Melissa & Chris. So thankful for LILO (aka Thelma) who joined our family in July after taking the ride up North with GDRNE.
Thank you for all that you do! Happy Holidays!

$75 — Dave & Helen. Thank you for bringing Zoe and Casey into our family!

$100 — Leslie. In celebration of our 3 GDRNE fur babies!

$75 — Lynne. Thanks for saving so many lives- including my girl Ruby!

$50 — John. For uniting us with our little cojack.

$25 — Donna & Janet. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you bringing Jack to our family.

$50 — Sarah. Happy holidays and thanks for our Sadie and Poncho and for all the joy you bring into homes across New England.
In memory of Sadie, a great border collie. We think of you everyday dear girl and miss you.

$200 — Robert. THANK YOU to Erin and Christina for bringing Ryder together with our family!

$100 — Patti. I’m loving memory of Shawnie, the best dog ever! We miss you every day.

$100 — Erika. Thank you for our Belle!

$100 — Elaine. Thank you for all the work that you do!

$50 — Amy. Thank you for uniting me with my new fur baby Kai (GDRNE’s name “Gobi”).
Kai will be 10 months old this month, and is so spoiled and loved.
We adopted him in April from Great Dog Rescue. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
In memory My beloved Rottweiler’s Lady Betsy Lynn, Kal-El and Kasey. Mommy misses you all so much.

$100 — Judith. We’re so grateful our rescue dogs Tess & Tina and for all the good work you do.

$100 — Lisa. Thank you for our amazingly adorable, loving and sweet boy, Brody!

$25 — Zoë. Thank you for all you do and for bringing us Pixie!

$50 — Diane. So thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met with GDRNE. Such a great team.
Everyone jumps to help and support one another whenever needed:).
In memory of Allie GDRNE alum 2013. Dolce GDRNE alum 2018.

$50 — Amanda & Alex. Thankful every day for the love and joy Winifred has brought to our home!!

$25 — Margret. Thanks for 2 great dogs Sadie (formally Millie) and Clover!

$100 — Paul & Rose. Thank you for bringing Luna (formerly known as Elsa) into our lives.
She has brought such joy and love into our home. We just love her!

$100 — Robin. In honor of our sweet rescue pup, thank you for all you do!

$100 — Cynthia. Thanks to GDRNE for all the dogs you save-Happy Holidays-The Johnston family.